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    1. Open/Close
      Munich - 19 September 2019

      Top Employers CONNECT - Best Practice Breakfast – Loyalty Partner /PAYBACK & Sandoz

      This time, the Top Employers CONNECT Best Practice Breakfast München is hosted by Loyalty Partners / PAYBACK, together with Sandoz!


      till 10:00am Entry and Registration
      10:00am Welcome by Steffen Neefe (Country Manager DACH)?
      10:15am Kick-Off Speaches 

      • Loyalty Partners – Carolin Schlegtendal, HR Director – Head of Talent Acquisiton & Comms
      • Sandoz – #unboss Sandoz, Leadership Cultures that makes us a Top Employer
        • Andrea Berroth Head HR Commercial Operations
        • Mona Huang Head Talent Management & Organizational Development

      10:45am Breakout Session 1
      11:15am Break & Networking
      12:00pm Breakout Session 2
      12:30pm Summary & Wrap-up


      Theresienh?he 12, 80339 München 


      To register for this (free) event, please fill in your details on this page.